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Everything You Need to Know About the Fraud in Hamburg

The room manager Bernd.B said in court that they were very sad and shocked to hear about these allegations. But Bernd.B said that despite that, they followed her closely after the allegation was made. In our opinion, it was fully confirmed that she did not work correctly. She covered the stakes of the regular with her body so cleverly that no one could see how she placed the chips. We then turned on members of the works council and watched the film recordings from the roulette table with them. With the consent of the works council, she was then terminated without notice. Of course, Mr. E. was banned from us. “

Mr Bernd.b said that when he saw compatriot of Hossein. E., the merchant Habib R.  passing her chips without a word but when she didn’t report the chip given to her to the manger, he thought that he had to say something about the Without saying anything, 180 euros were put on the large series. 20 euros directly on the number on which the ball rolled. “

This incident was reported to the head of the hall by the Iranian-born. The Iranian born didn’t even need the reward that was put forth. The court asked him what was negotiated with him. The witness said that he played poker therefore he finally got 3,000 euros. He said that the money quickly returned to the casino

In order to convict the “fraudsters” safely, the casino finally turned on the criminal police. Two officers watched the suspects. As with all these incidents, fraud can hardly be proven. One of the LKA’s eyewitnesses confirmed that he could not say exactly whether words had actually been said between the regular and the croupier. “It was such a bustle in the casino that I couldn’t understand anything.” You can play safely without manipulation or fraud at the Konung Casino